What’s Eating You Kid? is a program created for educators to help children learn about preservatives and other food additives in their food and the scientific findings on how these things may be affecting their health.

The What’s Eating You Kid? program is not intended to cure any disease.  The What’s Eating You Kid? program was created to bring awareness and to provide research from doctors, scientists and universities on processed foods and its impact on our health and the environment.

In order to teach the program it is recommended that you purchase The Handbook which is on the menu bar.

Then purchase the What’s Eating You Kid?  It’s a scary story! book from the menu bar.

You can download the free introduction book from the menu bar.

You can also download the How Many Scary Monsters did you See Yesterday? worksheet for free.

You may also find the books on http://fitadelphia.com and https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Whats-Eating-You-Kid